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Downloading and Reading an eBook

Business Books Electronic Books (eBook)

As an alternative to the traditional paper-back book - a select number of books available on our book store are available in the eBook format. eBooks allow you to read a book on an electronic device such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

It’s a convenient option for people who don’t want to carry around physical copies or for those who require a book on multiple devices. To read an eBook you’ll need to download a reader – such as the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).


Downloading an eBook

Downloading your eBook is simple. Once you’ve purchased an eBook from the bookstore you can begin downloading it immediately. When you click on your downloaded book – it should open with Adobe Digital Editions automatically ready for you to begin reading.

If the reader does not open your book automatically – simply right click on the downloaded file, then left click ‘open with’ from the drop-down menu and select Adobe Digital Editions to start reading your eBook. You can save the book to your library by clicking ‘File’ and then clicking ‘Add to Library’.

Once you’ve purchased an eBook from our bookstore – you can download the book a maximum of 4 times in accordance with our digital rights management system.

My account purchased ebooks

  1. Click on My account, and click on Purchased eBooks 
  1. Click on Download digital edition now, and open the acsm file.
  1. A pop-up window should come up and  you should able to read the eBook on Adobe Digital Editions.

download digital edition

Reading an eBook

Open Adobe Digital Editions and double click on an eBook in your bookshelf to start reading. You can open a panel on the left side of the screen to display the table of contents, jump to a particular chapter by clicking on the chapter’s title.

The page numbers are displayed along the bottom screen – with a navigation bar below. You can move the slider or click the left and right arrows to navigate through the pages. You can read the book like you would a standard PDF document.

You can change the font size and search for key words using the icon and search bar positioned at the top right corner of the screen.

Adobe Digital Edition comes with a document saved in the bookshelf providing further guidance on how to use the reader and read eBooks.


How eBooks differ to PDFs

The advantage of an eBook is that it emulates reading a printed copy of a book. An eBook will automatically adjust to fit your screen and comes with options to adjust font sizes and bookmark pages. PDFs have a static layout without these customization options and the page won’t automatically adjust to fit your screen. However, you can zoom in on a PDF page.