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COBIT - Assessor Guide: Using COBIT 5


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COBIT Assessor Guide: Using COBIT 5 is a companion to the COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 5. The guide provides details on how to undertake an assessment, while the COBIT PAM provides details on the basis for the assessment.   This guide is intended primarily to support those undertaking process assessments using the formal COBIT PAM. It can be used by team members involved in process assessments to understand what steps need to be taken and how those steps work together. It also can be used by internal auditors to enhance their existing audit scope. It is a valuable reference to the organisation’s management and stakeholders because it allows them to fully understand the expectations, outcomes and steps in undertaking an assessment.   The COBIT Assessor Guide Using COBIT 5:

  • Details how to perform a capability assessment of an organization’s current IT processes against COBIT 5
  • Utilizes the COBIT Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using COBIT 5 as the base reference document which should be used in tandem
  • Defines roles and responsibilities for performing assessments
  • Provides options for the scoping of assessments (i.e., selection of IT processes to be assessed)
  • Defines the types of evidence that should be gathered
  • Provides guidance on how to determine the capability level of an IT process
  • Defines the elements of an assessment report and how the results of the assessment should be reported.

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