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The OBASHI Methodology - Case Studies

The OBASHI Methodology - Case Studies

Paul Wallis & Fergus Cloughley
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Clear and simple communication is essential if you are a Project Manager. The ideal starting point for any Project Manager is to understand all the people, processes and technology assets involved in the project and also how they relate and impact on each other. The ‘Current state’ if you like.

Irrespective of the type of project undertaken, all the projects covered in the ‘OBASHI Case Studies’ have one fundamental thing in common: they all started with a Project Manager who realized that having a big picture enables clear and simple communication between all business and technical stakeholders.

This eBook gives an insight into how the OBASHI Methodology achieved accelerated project timescales and brought the much sought after clarity between business and technical people across a range of industries.

Includes case studies from Bank of England, BP, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Dumfries & Galloway Local Authority, Formula 1, LEI, Scottish Police Services Authority, Scottish Power and Shell.

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