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Planning & Achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certification - Ed. 2012

Author: Lynda Cooper (revised by) | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9781906745066 Full Title - Planning & Achieving ISO/IEC 20000 Certification - Ed. 2012 Pocket Book  


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ITIL® Foundation Handbook 2011

Author: itSMF UK | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780113313495 Now updated in line with the 2011 syllabus, the 'ITIL Foundation Handbook: Pocketbook from the Official Publisher of ITIL' is a quick-reference revision guide designed to help students prepare for their foundation exam. It is also a key reference aid for managers, practitioners, vendors and consultants in the workplace and while travelling.


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Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook

Author: M. George, J. Maxey, D. Rowlands, M. Upton | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780071441193 The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook is today's most complete and results-based reference to the tools and concepts needed to understand, implement, and leverage Lean Six Sigma. The only guide that groups tools by purpose and use, this hands-on reference provides:


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Accounting for Non-Accountants (10th Edition)

Author: David Horner | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780749472818 Accounting for Non-Accountants is an introduction to the basics of accounting and business finance that explores annual accounts, management accounting and financial management, including mergers, takeovers and buy-outs.   Accounting for Non-Accountants provides the perfect introduction to the basics of accounting and business finance.


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The Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management

Author: International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) | Format: Paperback | The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) is a membership organization that supports innovation and collaboration in meeting the demands of today's global trading relationships and practices.  They have developed this guide to support their training course and examination for the Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management.


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Managing Portfolios of Change

Author: Chris Venning | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780113310753 Integrating the MSP and PRINCE2 methods is a challenge that many organisations are facing. When the organisation also operates a portfolio-driven model of change, the challenges are even greater.


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The OBASHI Methodology

Author: Fergus Cloughley and Paul Wallis | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780117068575 OBASHI is a breakthrough in Information Technology thinking that will enable you to clearly see how your business actually works facilitating better decisions as a result.   The OBASHI manual aids you in creating a visual map that shows:


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AgilePgM® Agile Programme Management Handbook

Author: DSDM Consortium; 1st edition (2014) | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780992872717 The Agile Programme Management handbook has been produced by the not-for-profit DSDM Consortium. AgilePgM™ offers an approach that provides governance and rigor along with agility and flexibility that organisations demand today. It can be used stand-alone or combined with other recognised methods such as MSP® and PMI.


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Agile Project Management Handbook v2.0

Author: DSDM Consortium | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780992872724 In today’s ever-changing world, organisations and businesses are keen to adopt a more flexible approach to delivering projects, and want to become more agile.


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The Effective Change Manager's Handbook

Author: Edited by Richard Smith, David King, Ranjit Sidhu and Dan Skelsey | Format: Paperback |


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CHAMPS2 - Realising Transformational Change

Author: Sheena Atkinson, Elena Martin, Sarah Hinksman | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780117068674 CHAMPS2 – Realising Transformational Change brings accumulated knowledge about transformational change together in one package. It is a proven approach to successfully delivering transformational change. This manual provides detailed guidance on running, structuring anddelivering the desired Benefits of radical change programmes.


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Managing Successful Programmes 2011 Edition

Author: Cabinet Office | Format: Paperback | ISBN-13: 9780113313273 'Managing Successful Programmes Manual' combines rigour and flexibility, helping all organizations - public sector and private, large and small - achieve successful outcomes from their programme management time and time again. With change a pressing reality for all organizations, successful programme management has never been more vital to success.


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